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Arnold works with a host of third party shaders, extensions and integrations which extend functionality.

These shaders, extensions and integrations are not developed or supported by Autodesk but are provided here for your convenience.

MtoA Extensions

Joe Alter

Shave and a Haircut allows artists to create realistic looking CG hair and is available for Autodesk Maya.

Peregrine Labs

Yeti is the industry’s leading product to produce fur, feathers and generate a large number of items based around familiar working concepts of a procedural node graph directly within Autodesk’s Maya.


Integrated in Autodesk Maya, Golaem Crowd makes it easy and affordable to populate worlds with directable digital characters, from a few to thousands.


Anders Langland

A work-in-progress production shading library for Arnold. It currently contains a surface shader and a few utility shaders, and the aim is to slowly build it into a full-featured production-quality shader library.

Jules Stevenson

Kettle Shaders is Kettle Studio’s in-house package of workhorse shaders and related utilities.

Binary Alchemy

The Shader Collection - Essential is a FREE shader collection for Arnold and other renderers. It includes shaders of various types. From simple helpers like a clamp range shader up to a advanced fractal or DOF shaders.

Marc-Antoine Desjardins (ObliqueFX)

A large collection of shaders created by ObliqueFX for Arnold.

Amaan Akram

aaOcean is an implementation of Jerry Tessendorf's 2004 paper on Simulating Ocean Waves.



HDR Light Studio is a powerful lighting tool for Maya and is fully compatible with Arnold. Light your shots using high dynamic range softboxes, spotlights and studio lights by clicking directly on your 3D model to position light sources. An HDRI map is generated for use in Arnold’s sky dome. See the results in the Arnold interactive preview as you light.

Juanjo Gonzalez

LWtoA is a custom plugin that integrates Arnold seamless inside Layout 11, with nearly all features suported by Arnold, including interactive rendering, all Arnold shading nodes, all Arnold lights, etc.

Javier Gonzalez Gabriel

massive2arnold is an arnold procedural that renders massive-generated rib files.