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Madrid and London (2 December, 2015) — Solid Angle SL announced that Australian visual effects studio Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) has standardized on Arnold as its primary production renderer. The studio made the move to Arnold after realizing a dramatic increase in production efficiency and improvement in image quality while evaluating the software in production on a major feature film.

“We were having continual problems with render capacity,” said RSP President and Head of Production John Carey. “Our load just kept going up and we were spending a lot of time and money optimizing renderers and buying more machines. We didn’t want to just throw money at the problem; we wanted to fix it. We brought Arnold in for an eval – right in the middle of production.  In the end Arnold gave us exactly what we needed: performance, look, a rich set of shaders, and ease of integration into our pipeline.”

RSP is known for its VFX work on GravityX-Men: Days of Future PastPrometheus and other top features. The studio evaluated Arnold and other rendering software on an upcoming feature with mainly photorealistic work that required accurate light transport integrated seamlessly with live action plates, along with creative requirements from the director that were not entirely photo real, but equally challenging.

“With Arnold we were able to integrate all of those elements seamlessly. We had more control over the render so integration and comp were considerably simplified. Our first lighting pass just looked better out of the box,” said Carey.

RSP uses Houdini extensively, and the team worked closely with Solid Angle to advance the company’s Arnold for Houdini (HtoA) plug-in. “The development team worked actively with us to solve integration problems. We’d put tickets in and they turned them around like they were in-house developers. They’re much more like a production partner than a vendor,” Carey said.  As its primary production renderer, Arnold is now being used on three features and one TV show at RSP. Said Carey, “While it would have been ideal to have moved to Arnold between shows, there really is no ‘between shows’ in a busy production facility. While it wasn’t painless to make the switch mid-production, with Arnold it was successful. With the other options we tested it simply would not have been practical.”

“Working with RSP has been fantastic,” said Solid Angle founder Marcos Fajardo. “They have pushed our integration with Houdini further than any other studio and helped us advance it significantly. Their work is world class and we are honored that they have chosen Arnold.”

About Solid Angle

Solid Angle develops Arnold, an advanced image renderer built for the demands of high quality film and TV animation and visual effects. Arnold is used by 500+ studios worldwide including Aardman Animations, Framestore, ILM, The Mill, and Sony Pictures Imageworks, and thousands of individual artists. Arnold is designed to efficiently process complex geometric datasets while at the same time simplifying the pipeline. Visuals for productions including “Everest,” “Game of Thrones,” “Gravity” and more were rendered using Arnold. The software is available as a standalone renderer, an API, and set of plug-ins for 3D applications including Maya, Softimage, Houdini, Katana, and Cinema 4D on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Solid Angle has offices in Madrid and London. For information, a free trial, or to purchase (individual or multiple) licenses online visit solidangle.com.

More information about Rising Sun Pictures at www.rsp.com.au.