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We think Arnold is great, but don't take our word for it. Here are some of the many testimonials from our clients.


"Arnold started as an experiment at Cinesite a little while ago but has quickly become our primary renderer. What impressed us most apart from the blazing raytrace speed, low memory consumption and stability with everything & anything you throw at it, is the elegant ease of use, allowing artists to focus on their art rather than technicalities."
Chris Nickel, CG Supervisor, Cinesite
"In Imagework's pipeline, Arnold is a workhorse. It's able to handle the massive complexity we need and provides a strong foundation for our physically-based rendering system. Arnold helps us create the highest quality imagery while providing a great experience for our artists on both our visual effects and animated feature films."
Rob Bredow, CTO, Sony Pictures Imageworks
"Arnold has changed the way I approach my work. We can render scenes using real world and on-set lighting techniques and we get closer to the target out of the gate. Coupled with some of the most sophisticated volume rendering features available anywhere, Arnold is a clear win."
Adam Martinez , CG Supervisor, Goldtooth Creative
"Arnold’s approach to rendering is rapidly becoming a standard in our industry...but most importantly produces simply beautiful images. The software is robust and can reliably function with extraordinarily large data sets."
Dave Levy, CG Technology Director, The Mill
"Arnold gives us outstanding image quality and the ease of set up that today’s productions demand. I’m thrilled we are able to add it to the arsenal of tools at ILM."
John Knoll, Chief Creative Officer, ILM
"Put simply, Arnold has been a revelation. The elegance of its implementation has paid dividends both in the minimal time required for us to port all our pipeline to support it, and in ease by which our lighters have switched to using it."
Martin Preston, Head of R&D, Framestore
"Everything about Arnold is easier – whether it’s the straight-forward controls for the artist or the clean consistent API for the developer."
Chad Dombrova, Senior TD, Luma Pictures
"The sheer amount of geometric complexity we throw at Arnold is staggering. The Arnold approach has re-defined our computer graphics lighting experience, allowing for more artistic control with less complicated setups in the most modern and physically accurate lighting simulation environment. We love how Arnold has changed VFX shot production at Whiskytree."
Votch Levi, CG Supervisor, Whiskytree
"Arnold's efficiency is amazing! I am constantly impressed by Solid Angle's ability to squeeze performance improvements into nearly every release. It is reliable, easy to use, and fun to work with. I am glad to get to use Arnold everyday."
Steven Caron, Technical Director, Whiskytree
"Someone forgot to tell Solid Angle about the iron triangle.  Ease of use, ever increasing speed and rock solid stability combined with insanely high levels of tolerance for big data make this a wicked tool.  Did I mention the dev team and support are awesome?  It's fun to use!!! Pinch me!"
Simon van de Lagemaat, Founder, the Embassy VFX
"The sheer amount of geo and assets that Arnold can handle has bettered the way we build our shots, and made any challenge that might have been impossible to accomplish with other renderers easily manageable. Suffice it to say that rendering is no longer a concern for us, and full time GI and 3D motion blur has fast-tracked our lookdev and lighting steps in great ways. Bottom line, we're getting way better quality faster than ever."
Matthew Rouleau, Head of CG, Rodeo FX
"At Prana we work on very diverse projects in terms of visual styles and budgets. Arnold has become an integral part of our toolset given its robustness and versatility. It provides easy ramp up for our artists and minimal tweaking to produce complex visual results."
Prana Studios, Mumbai
"I must say after working so long in the industry before running this degree I was fed up with baking point cloud data in PRMan, or spending days trying to reduce flicker in MR. Arnold is an absolute joy to teach."
Mark Wallman, Senior Lecturer for VFX, University of Heartfordshire
"Since 2001, the amazing quality of its renderings has helped Mikros deliver high-end CGI shots in all our projects. Arnold succeeds combining an "artists focus on lighting" approach, with a deep tech side for TD's and R&D. VFX for commercials and films, CGI feature films, whatever project, Arnold is our renderer of choice!"
Julien Meesters, Head of Studio, Mikros Image
"Arnold keeps surprising us by how easy and effortless it is to set-up and render highly complex shots. Solid Angle is always finding new and useful ways of improving their technology and keeps pushing the boundaries of what's possible to render. We know Arnold is going to render whatever we throw at it."
Mathieu Leclaire, Head of R&D, Hybride
"Arnold enabled us to render 800,000 Christmas tree needles dropping an amazing quality and pretty fast turnaround on a recent Morrisons commercial. A feat our 3D team don't think would have been possible in any other render software."
Justin White, Finish
"The discussions on the mailing lists are amazing. Haven't seen such an enthusiastic and exceptionally smart and talented bunch of folks in a long time."
Angus Davidson, University of the Witwatersrand
"We love working with Arnold. It is always rock solid and ridiculously reliable, there are never any surprises and that is awesome when it comes to tight deadlines. You can throw any number of complexities at it and it just delivers again and again. Pure genius!"
Fredrik Brännbacka, CTO, Mad Crew
"Since the early alpha stages of development, HtoA has proved to be an invaluable tool in our effects pipeline at Milk. HtoA gives us the freedom to create effects in Houdini and fully integrate them into environments and lighting scenes in Maya. With our feedback always heard and feature requests speedily implemented, it is an exciting and reliable product to work with."
James Reid, Head of FX, Milk VFX
"All back up and running. I really appreciate your outstanding support!"
Jonathan Shelley, Electric Geisha
"It was a little ambitious to make my first renders part of this job as we only purchased Arnold in the final 8 days of the project! I think it is a testament to the renderer and Softimage in general that we were able to get this result in such a short timeframe."
Nick Angus, 3D Supervisor
"Solid Angle really helped the community and our industry by making the Arnold render engine. Very easy to learn and use, one of the best support teams out there and the Arnold community on the mailing list is amazing."
Igor Zanic, Freelance FX Artist
"After testing Arnold for several weeks I have to say you guys did a really good job. That means not only developing a fast high-quality renderer, but also creating a nice user community and fast support. Thank you for that."
Rico Koschmitzky, Lighting TD / Generalist
"Arnold is an amazing tool for the artist, it makes life so much easier and gives beautiful results. I am especially impressed with how easily Arnold can render large amounts of geometry with soft lights. I now can't imagine life without it!"
Javier Verdugo, Head of 3D, Glassworks Barcelona.
"Time and time again, when I need a tool that does not inhibit, promotes creativity and allows efficient execution - Arnold has been my choice. From pilots for SHOWTIME, DISNEY and PBS to personal projects, I turn to the tool that lets me be an artist I want to be and spend less time on tweaking knobs. I truly love it. Arnold rocks! "
Vadim Turchin, VFX Supervisor / Animation Director
"Arnold kicks ASS, pure and simple."
Lewis Taylor, TD, Method Studios